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Join the eFinancing-Solutions Affiliate Program today to earn commissions for signing up Merchants to use our technology. Becoming an Affiliate also gives you the opportunity to provide added value to increase your monthly residual income stream. For every Merchant that enrolls in our service, we pay you a monthly residual. The monthly residual ranges from $20 to $130 per month per Merchant depending upon what plan they sign up for. Imagine signing up 200 merchants over the next few months that would pay you $16,000 per month. (based on the Platinum plan)

We provide you with all of the tools you need to become a successful Affiliate. You will have access to our site so you may view your reports on line. With reports available to you at any time, you can review and evaluate the effectiveness of your marketing plan. We handle the review and processing of the personal loan applications, as well as all customer service. All you do is market and sign up Merchants.

To enroll in our Affiliate program, please fill out the following application. Should you want to contact one of our Associates to answer any questions please call 800-728-9585

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